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Psalm 15 - The Secret of HappinessPsalm 15 - The Secret of HappinessPastor Petar Djkakov, Feb 6, 2017
NebuchadnezzarNebuchadnezzar's ConversionPastor Ron Nelson, Apr 7, 2016
The CrossThe CrossJosue Sanchez, Apr 5, 2016
Young GirlYoung Girl's Witness to NaamanPetar Djakov, Mar 15, 2016
ChangeChangeSabrina Jacques-Rowe, Mar 7, 2016
Courageous Church - Challenging the Church we LoveCourageous Church - Challenging the Church we LovePastor Josue Sanchez, Feb 28, 2016
Friends brought a paralytic to JesusFriends brought a paralytic to JesusPetar Djakov, Feb 21, 2016
Thankful Heart, Thankful FamilyThankful Heart, Thankful FamilyStephanie Yamniuk, Feb 15, 2016
JesusJesus' witness to ZaccheausPetar Djakov, Feb 15, 2016
Why IsnWhy Isn't it WorkingZach Wall, Feb 12, 2016
PhillipPhillip's Witness to an EthiopianPetar Djakov, Jan 23, 2016
Save a Life...Change a LifeSave a Life...Change a LifeBrett Dobbin, Jan 18, 2016
Naomi witness to RuthNaomi witness to RuthPetar Djakov, Jan 10, 2016
If my people PrayIf my people PrayJonathon Rowe, Jan 3, 2016
Jesus in a BoxJesus in a BoxJosue Sanchez, Dec 26, 2015
Hands OnHands OnJosue Sanchez, Dec 19, 2015
Fruit of the Spirit - Self ControlFruit of the Spirit - Self ControlPetar Djakov, Dec 13, 2015
Fruit of the Spirit - GentlenessFruit of the Spirit - GentlenessPetar Djakov, Dec 6, 2015
Fruit of the Spirit - FaithfullnessFruit of the Spirit - FaithfullnessPetar Djakov, Dec 5, 2015
Fruit of the Spirit - GoodnessFruit of the Spirit - GoodnessPetar Djakov, Nov 28, 2015
Sacred Names: Yahweh or YeshuaSacred Names: Yahweh or YeshuaProfessor Ron Du Preez, Nov 21, 2015
Feast Days: Followers of ChristFeast Days: Followers of ChristProfessor Ron Du Preez, Nov 21, 2015
Feast Days: Fulfilled in ChristFeast Days: Fulfilled in ChristProfessor Ron Du Preez, Nov 21, 2015
The Day That Changed the WorldThe Day That Changed the WorldProfessor Ron Du Preez, Nov 21, 2015
Feast Days: Focus on ChristFeast Days: Focus on ChristProfessor Ron Du Preez, Nov 21, 2015
Fruit of the Spirit - PatienceFruit of the Spirit - PatiencePetar Djakov, Nov 15, 2015
Fruit of the Spirit - KindnessFruit of the Spirit - KindnessPetar Djakov, Nov 15, 2015
Fruit of the Spirit - PatienceFruit of the Spirit - PatiencePastor Petar Djakov, Nov 14, 2015
Fruit of the Spirit - PeaceFruit of the Spirit - PeacePetar Djakov, Oct 25, 2015
Fruit of the Spirit - JoyFruit of the Spirit - JoyPetar Djakov, Oct 25, 2015
A Call to Spiritual GrowthA Call to Spiritual GrowthBeth Conway, Sep 21, 2015
The Remarkable Faith of A GentileThe Remarkable Faith of A GentilePetar Djakov, Sep 12, 2015
Christlike LivingChristlike LivingHerbert Oliphant, Sep 11, 2015
Home Sweet HomeHome Sweet HomeJosue Sanchez, Aug 22, 2015
PowerPowerJonathan Rowe, Aug 15, 2015
II've Got ThisJonothan Rowe, Aug 9, 2015
II've Got ThisJonothan Rowe, Aug 9, 2015
The Prayer of Jabez Pt. 3The Prayer of Jabez Pt. 3Petar Djakov, Aug 3, 2015
The Prayer of Jabez Pt. 2The Prayer of Jabez Pt. 2Petar Djakov, Aug 3, 2015
The Prayer of JabezThe Prayer of JabezPastor Petar Djakov, Aug 3, 2015
ZacchaeusZacchaeusJosue Sanchez, Jul 25, 2015
FreeFreeJonathan Rowe, Jul 25, 2015
Encounters with Jesus - A FatherEncounters with Jesus - A Father's CryJosue Sanchez, Jul 12, 2015
When God is AsleepWhen God is AsleepPetar Djakov, Jun 27, 2015
GodGod's Love LetterPastor Josue Sanchez, Jun 27, 2015
Now is the TimeNow is the TimeChris Holland, Jun 20, 2015
Why the SabbathWhy the SabbathJason Stickney (CWAA), May 18, 2015
God the MotherGod the MotherPastor Josue Sanchez, May 10, 2015
The Paralytic, The Tax Collector, The Sick & Dead, The Blind and The NeedThe Paralytic, The Tax Collector, The Sick & Dead, The Blind and The NeedJesse, Jairo, Tiandra, Ronaldo, Alex, May 4, 2015
Encounters with Jesus: A Feathery ConundrumEncounters with Jesus: A Feathery ConundrumPastor Josue Sanchez, May 3, 2015
Exhortations to Kids, Mothers and FathersExhortations to Kids, Mothers and FathersVarios, May 2, 2015
The Word of GodThe Word of GodPastor Petar Djakov, Apr 22, 2015
Dirty FeetDirty FeetPastor Josue Sanchez, Mar 29, 2015
The Armour of God - The Shield of FaithThe Armour of God - The Shield of FaithPetar Djakov, Mar 24, 2015
The Armour of God - The Helmet of SalvationThe Armour of God - The Helmet of SalvationPetar Djakov, Mar 22, 2015
I Bear It No More
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I Bear It No More
      I Bear It No More
Sharon Ennis, Mar 7, 2015
Secrets to a Strong and Connected FamilySecrets to a Strong and Connected FamilyStephanie Yamniuk, Feb 16, 2015
The Armour of God - The Gospel of PeaceThe Armour of God - The Gospel of PeacePetar Djakov, Feb 8, 2015
The Armour of GodThe Armour of GodPastor Petar Djakov, Jan 25, 2015
The Truth that Transforms the WorldThe Truth that Transforms the WorldDr. Tim Riesenberger, Jan 24, 2015
His DreamHis DreamDacia Rowe, Jan 18, 2015
EmpathyEmpathyJosue Sanchez, Jan 18, 2015
Why the MangerWhy the MangerJonathan Rowe, Jan 11, 2015
All Stressed OutAll Stressed OutPhil Brewer, Jan 9, 2015
The Greatest CounterfeitThe Greatest CounterfeitPetar Djakov, Dec 5, 2014
LeadLeadPastor Josue Sanchez, Nov 8, 2014
The LordThe Lord's SupperPetar Djakov, Oct 28, 2014
In His Presence, In His UnityIn His Presence, In His UnityBret Dobbin, Sep 25, 2014
The RibThe RibHugh French, Sep 18, 2014
No Strings AttachedNo Strings AttachedPastor Josue Sanchez, Sep 10, 2014
You Can Do It!You Can Do It!Jorge Torres, Aug 25, 2014
Share His Love with EveryoneShare His Love with EveryonePetar Djakov, Aug 17, 2014
One Direction, One StepOne Direction, One StepJosue Sanchez, Aug 13, 2014
The UnchristianThe UnchristianJorge Torres, Aug 9, 2014
Can You Hear Me NowCan You Hear Me NowPastor Josue Sanchez, Jul 29, 2014
He Can Use Even YouHe Can Use Even YouLucian Poama, Jul 21, 2014
OneOneJonathan Rowe, Jul 18, 2014
The LordThe Lord's SupperPetar Djakov, Jun 29, 2014
Never Stop Dreaming!Never Stop Dreaming!Jorge Torres, Jun 23, 2014
All the Wise Men of BabylonAll the Wise Men of BabylonPhil Brewer, Jun 15, 2014
A Knock at MidnightA Knock at MidnightDarrin Bartell, Jun 7, 2014
Living with the Blessed HopeLiving with the Blessed HopeChris Holland, Jun 6, 2014
I Thought We Were FriendsI Thought We Were FriendsPastor Jorge Torres, May 24, 2014
Net WorthNet WorthBryant Smith, May 17, 2014
Circle of LoveCircle of LoveMira Djakov, May 11, 2014
Everlasting Friendship;A Friend in Deeds is a Friend Indeed Everlasting Friendship;A Friend in Deeds is a Friend Indeed Alex Yamniuk, Grace Montgomery, May 4, 2014
We Need To GoWe Need To GoRRVJA, Apr 27, 2014
When Forgiveness Does Not Make Any SenseWhen Forgiveness Does Not Make Any SensePastor Josue Sanchez, Apr 27, 2014
Healthy for a Holy GodHealthy for a Holy GodDr. Fred Hardinge, Apr 12, 2014
A Bull and the CrossA Bull and the CrossPastor Josue Sanchez, Apr 8, 2014
You Carry It.. IYou Carry It.. I'll Die on ItPastor Lucian Poama, Mar 29, 2014
Uniquely DifferentUniquely DifferentLucian Poama, Mar 22, 2014
One DirectionOne DirectionPastor Josue Sanchez, Mar 15, 2014
The Time is NearThe Time is NearPetar Djakov, Mar 8, 2014
He Lifts Up My HeadHe Lifts Up My HeadStephanie Yamniuk, Mar 1, 2014
My Devotional TimeMy Devotional TimeVarious, Feb 22, 2014
Talk Is CheapTalk Is CheapLucian Poama, Feb 16, 2014
My Devotional LifeMy Devotional LifePastor Petar Djakov, Feb 8, 2014
Misconceptions of ChristMisconceptions of ChristPastor Lucian Poama, Feb 1, 2014
Experiencing GodExperiencing GodPastor Petar Djakov, Jan 25, 2014
The Amor Mio ProjectThe Amor Mio ProjectPastor Lucian Poama, Jan 18, 2014
The Red ChairThe Red ChairPastor Josue Sanchez, Jan 11, 2014
To Know Him as He Knows UsTo Know Him as He Knows UsPastor Petar Djakov, Jan 4, 2014
Born To DieBorn To DieJonathan Rowe, Dec 28, 2013
The Greatest Gift GiverThe Greatest Gift GiverLucian Poama, Dec 21, 2013
Cornelious, a Just ManCornelious, a Just ManPetar Djakov, Dec 14, 2013
Caleb, A Man Favoured By GodCaleb, A Man Favoured By GodRon Nelson, Dec 7, 2013
Which Son Are You?Which Son Are You?Richard Williams, Nov 30, 2013
Survival of the FittestSurvival of the FittestShawn Craig, Nov 9, 2013
Prepare the Way of the LordPrepare the Way of the LordPastor Lucian Poama, Nov 2, 2013
BaptismBaptismPastor Petar Djakov, Oct 27, 2013
The Woman in BlackThe Woman in BlackPastor Alex Portillo, Oct 20, 2013
Thanksgiving is ThankslivingThanksgiving is ThankslivingPetar Djakov, Oct 12, 2013
Free IndeedFree IndeedLucian Poama, Oct 7, 2013
Economic CrisisEconomic CrisisWerner Umbach, Sep 29, 2013
Water Turned to WineWater Turned to WinePastor Petar Djakov, Sep 29, 2013
Authenticity Seminar - ForgivenessAuthenticity Seminar - ForgivenessDr. David and Beverly Sadlecek, Sep 29, 2013
Authenticity in MoralityAuthenticity in MoralityDr. David and Beverly Sadlecek, Sep 28, 2013
Authenticity in our RelationshipsAuthenticity in our RelationshipsDr. David and Beverly Sadlecek, Sep 28, 2013
Authenticity in our Sanctuary SelvesAuthenticity in our Sanctuary SelvesDr. David and Beverly Sadlecek, Sep 28, 2013
MissionMissionLucian Poama, Aug 31, 2013
Our Defender and AdvocateOur Defender and AdvocatePeter Djakov, Aug 31, 2013
Life After DeathLife After DeathJorge Torres, Aug 24, 2013
No Greater FaithNo Greater FaithPastor Lucian Poama, Aug 24, 2013
STAND - YUI Conference 2013STAND - YUI Conference 2013Dr Eric Walsh, Aug 18, 2013
The Temptations of JesusThe Temptations of JesusPetar Djakov, Aug 3, 2013
I Hate That - Part 2I Hate That - Part 2Jonathan Rowe, Jul 26, 2013
I Hate That - Part 1I Hate That - Part 1Jonathan Rowe, Jul 13, 2013
II'm Not AshamePastor Herbert Oliphant, Jul 13, 2013
FatherFather's Day Sermon - (No Title Given)Pastor James Wesley, Jun 28, 2013
Walking with GodWalking with GodPetar Djakov, Jun 9, 2013
Date  NightDate NightLucian Poama, Jun 9, 2013
Personal Ministry SabbathPersonal Ministry SabbathGlen Morison, Jun 9, 2013
Please MumPlease MumPastor Lucian Poama, May 11, 2013
Education DayEducation DayChad Layman, May 5, 2013
No Matter The Age Pt. 2No Matter The Age Pt. 2Pastor Lucian Poama, Apr 29, 2013
ChildrenChildren's Sabbath 2013Grace and Brendon, Apr 20, 2013
The LordThe Lord's SupperPetar Djakov, Apr 11, 2013
Forgive Us, as We have ForgivenForgive Us, as We have ForgivenJoe Azzopardi, Apr 1, 2013
No Matter The AgeNo Matter The AgePastor Lucian Poama, Mar 30, 2013
Forgive to LiveForgive to LivePetar Djakov, Mar 16, 2013
The Devil Made Me Do It!The Devil Made Me Do It!Pastor Lucian Poama, Feb 23, 2013
A ChristianA Christian's RighteousnessPastor Petar Djakov, Feb 16, 2013
Characteristics of a Born Again ChristianCharacteristics of a Born Again ChristianPastor Petar Djakov, Feb 2, 2013
The Most Effective EvangelistThe Most Effective EvangelistDr J. Kidder, Jan 26, 2013
The Power of PrayerThe Power of PrayerDr. Joseph Kidder, Jan 26, 2013
Escape from IraqEscape from IraqDr. Joseph Kidder, Jan 26, 2013
DonDon't Worry, Be HappyPastor Petar Djakov, Jan 12, 2013
Making the most of 2013Making the most of 2013Lucia Poama, Jan 5, 2013
The Statue of Daniel with a touch of BabylonThe Statue of Daniel with a touch of BabylonElder Daniel Stojanovic, Dec 15, 2012
ItIt's Time to Fight Back!Lucian Poama, Dec 15, 2012
The Walking DeadThe Walking DeadPastor David Guzmann, Dec 1, 2012
The Heart of the Three AngelsThe Heart of the Three Angels' MessagePetar Djakov, Oct 27, 2012
Absent by NameAbsent by NamePastor Petar Djakov, Sep 22, 2012
The Joy in BeliefThe Joy in BeliefPastor Lucian Poama, Sep 15, 2012
Be More like..Be More like..James Wesley, Aug 25, 2012
Best Practices for Healthy SpiritualityBest Practices for Healthy SpiritualityKristina Freed, Aug 11, 2012
Rise, Take up your mat and walkRise, Take up your mat and walkLucian Poama, Aug 4, 2012
Understanding the Holy SpiritUnderstanding the Holy SpiritChristina Freed, Jul 21, 2012
What Kind of FatherWhat Kind of FatherUnknown, Jul 21, 2012
Trust and ObeyTrust and ObeyPetar Djakov, Jul 21, 2012
What Must I DoWhat Must I DoPastor Ron Nelson - President, Mans-Sask Conference, Jun 23, 2012
The Peril of LazinessThe Peril of LazinessBill Santos, May 26, 2012
Look at Me!Look at Me!Joseph Augustin, May 19, 2012
Getting to the Next LevelGetting to the Next LevelJoseph Augustin, May 15, 2012
Feed My LambsFeed My LambsMatthew Keenan, May 10, 2012
ServingServingPastor Petar Djakov, Apr 28, 2012
A Dead Messiah:The Inside StoryA Dead Messiah:The Inside StoryPastor Kurte Sharpe, Apr 14, 2012
Easter SundayEaster SundayPetar Djakov, Apr 7, 2012
RememberRememberStone Blackburn, Mar 17, 2012
No Child Left BehindNo Child Left BehindKristina Freed, Mar 17, 2012
The Harvest Truly is PlentifulThe Harvest Truly is PlentifulPastor Petar Djakov, Mar 3, 2012
WhatWhat's Your StoryPastor Lucian Poama, Feb 25, 2012
CUC Choral UnionCUC Choral UnionCUC Choir, Feb 18, 2012
Whom God HelpsWhom God HelpsPastor David Guzman, Jan 28, 2012
Ready to ReceiveReady to ReceivePastor Lucian Poama, Jan 22, 2012
Heart ConditionsHeart ConditionsLucian Poama, Jan 7, 2012
Let every heart prepare him roomLet every heart prepare him roomPetar Djakov, Dec 24, 2011
The Entrance of a LifetimeThe Entrance of a LifetimePastor Lucian Poama, Dec 17, 2011
The Parable of the Rich FoolThe Parable of the Rich FoolPastor Petar Djakov, Dec 3, 2011
Family TragedyFamily TragedyPetar Djakov, Nov 26, 2011
Then Come, Follow MeThen Come, Follow MePastor Lucian Poama, Nov 19, 2011
Do You Love Me?Do You Love Me?Pastor Petar Djakov, Nov 12, 2011
Breakfast by the SeaBreakfast by the SeaPastor Petar Djakov, Nov 5, 2011
Back to Our RootsBack to Our RootsLucian Poama, Oct 24, 2011
Five Ways to Stand Out from the CrowdFive Ways to Stand Out from the CrowdAlexa Toop, Oct 15, 2011
Raising Spiritual ChampionsRaising Spiritual ChampionsKristina Freed, Oct 1, 2011
The Picture of LoveThe Picture of LovePastor Lucian Poama, Sep 24, 2011
The Wise StewardThe Wise StewardDr. Abednigo Mandulupa, Sep 17, 2011
This Little Light of MineThis Little Light of MineKevin Kiers, Sep 10, 2011
A Gentile Shows Her faithA Gentile Shows Her faithPastor Petar Djakov, Aug 27, 2011
King Herod AntipasKing Herod AntipasPastor Petar Djakov, Aug 27, 2011
Saving NinevehSaving NinevehPastor Petar Djakov, Aug 13, 2011
Saving Disobedient ProphetSaving Disobedient ProphetPastor Petar Djakov, Aug 13, 2011
Three Phases of SalvationThree Phases of SalvationPastor Petar Djakov, Jul 30, 2011
Who am IWho am IPastor David Guzman, Jul 23, 2011
Break and BowBreak and BowLucian Poama, Jul 16, 2011
AwesomeAwesomeJonathon Rowe, Jul 9, 2011
Fully EquippedFully EquippedLucian Poama, Jun 11, 2011
Thy Kingdom ComeThy Kingdom ComeJames Wesley, Jun 4, 2011
AnticipationAnticipationLucian Poama
Back to the FutureBack to the FutureBill Santos
Promising FaithPromising FaithJames Wesley
Second ChanceSecond ChanceLucian Poama
The Light of the WorldThe Light of the WorldPastor Ron Nelson
The LordThe Lord's SupperPastor Petar Djakov